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For many years I struggled with sweating armpits

“For many years I struggled with sweating armpits.  I had tried medications, all sorts of different deodorants and different concoctions that I searched on the internet. This was stunting my personal and work performance.  I would find that I was isolating myself just because of sheer embarrassment of sweat showing through on my shirts. I would only wear black or enough layers that you wouldn’t be able to tell when looking at me.  I had heard that Botox was a short term solution, but I couldn’t afford the Botox remedy for many years.  Once I tried the Botox in my armpits, and the sweat subsided! This was a wonderful feeling, however, the Botox injections wore off  within 3  1/2 months.  After saving again for this procedure, I contacted Joann, RN, at Avante Cosmetic.  Not only did she make me feel completely comfortable with the procedure, but she offered a better product–Dysport– which also was a lower cost than Botox.  I had the procedure done and WOW! One 1/2 days later after the injections of Dysport, I didn’t sweat –not even a drop!  I took a trip to Vegas a week later and I wore so many new colored t-shirts just because I could!  I no longer lived in black.  It has been a year and a half and I’m ready for another go with the Dysport!  My sweat is returning a little, but nothing like it was before.  I am so happy with her suggestion and the product she injected– I wish someone would have told me about this sooner!   Thank you Joann!!! You are truly a life saver!”

M.S., with Joann since 2012