I go to Joann because she had the most experience

I go to Joann RN, because she has the most experience. I checked around to find not only the best prices, but someone that has been injecting for a long time. I also noticed that all she does is injections–nothing else. My experience was very good! I received a Dysport treatment along with filler-Perlane- to add volume to my cheeks. When I walked out of the office, I looked better and natural, but for sure did not look ‘done’. Just what I wanted! I am very pleased with my results and feel ‘refreshed’ and lifted.

T.K., Dec. 2014

I have been receiving Botox since 2003 from Joann

“I have been receiving Botox since 2003 from Joann and absolutely love the results. Since that time I have not noticed any new wrinkles in the areas she treats– which is absolutely amazing! I tried Restylane the first time in 2004–I was really hesitant, but the results were instant. With her expertise and skills she removed deep laugh lines I have had for so many years. I also absolutely LOVE Latisse! I went from little stubs to very full thick lush eyelashes with or without mascara–the results are remarkable. I used Dysport instead of Botox for the first time last month, and truly cannot tell the difference except the cost was better. I would not trust my cosmetic injections to anyone else—she has a skill and eye for what you need and her suggestions have always been right on! I have highly recommended Joann to all my friends, family and clients!”

T.B.,  with Joann since 2003

I have been a client of Joann’s since 2005

“I have been a client of Joann’s since 2005. Joann is the only person I will go to for my procedures as she is very professional, trustworthy and personable . I feel very comfortable that I am with a professional that knows her products and what she is doing. Joann has given me advice on what I need and what I should wait to have which shows me she really cares. Her procedures are affordable and the work she does is amazing, I feel so confident and beautiful and I look 10 years younger and no one can tell I have had work, which in itself has been priceless.”

C.R., with Joann since 2005

My past experience with Joann Martin, RN, has been and still is very positive.

“My past experience with Joann Martin has been and still is very positive. She is a professional who cares how her treatments effect each patient. I have found her to be very knowledgeable about her products and offers her advice as to what would be best for each situation. Emails are promptly returned, and she’s on time in keeping to her appointment schedules. Her website easily indicates where she will be on what day and at what site. There is a nice selection of times in which to choose. Her office is clean and warmly decorated. I would highly recommend Joann Martin’s professional services.”

M.M.S.,  with Joann since 2006

I’ve always had a thin face, but when I turned 50 I noticed my face was getting even thinner

“I’ve always had a thin face, but when I turned 50 I noticed my face was getting even thinner!  When I looked in the mirror, I felt like I looked like a skeleton with sunken cheeks and temples.  I have a pretty good handle on my wrinkles with Dysport and the retinol and peptide beauty products I’ve been using for years, but I still felt like I looked old.  Joann said I was a good candidate for Sculptra, which would add volume to my face.  After 4 sessions of treatments, I am very happy with results!  The results aren’t specifically noticeable to my friends and family (which is what you want), but I’ve had several people tell me how great I look! Friends have asked my what my secret is!  Sculptra has given me a natural, youthful look!  I am very happy with the results and will continue treatments in the future.  Even though the results should last about two years, Joann suggested a yearly session to maintain my fabulous look.”  

K.S.  with Joann since 2012

I was extremely nervous to try Dysport, but...

"I was extremely nervous to try Dysport, but Joann was referred to me by a trusted friend.  I was thrilled with how natural and long lasting the results were, and I am now a multi-year client!"

Chris. S.

Joann is fabulous! I say this for many reasons

“Joann is fabulous! I say this for many reasons. She is acutely aware of how to give you the best result for the best price. She knows all her products well… to the point where she can explain to you what some docs won’t; that you absolutely can, in some cases, obtain the look you want with less product than typically recommended by elsewhere. She’ll surprise you with rebates and coupons that make her reasonable prices even more affordable, and she keeps on top of them! Isn’t that a win-win relationship? I have been with her since 2002, stopping only during pregnancy. I have moved happily from Botox to Dysport, and soon plan to follow her perfect recommendations for filler. She is warm, kind and pleasant. She is very sensitive to your needs and wishes… she has intuition how to affect the difference you want and the skill to administer a natural look. My best friend is so happy with the results of the fillers she has received from Joann. I am more than sure that everyone I would recommend to Joann would leave with the happiest, most beautiful face and the warmest, most appreciative feelings. Thanks Joann!”

H.E., with Joann since 2002

For many years I struggled with sweating armpits

“For many years I struggled with sweating armpits.  I had tried medications, all sorts of different deodorants and different concoctions that I searched on the internet. This was stunting my personal and work performance.  I would find that I was isolating myself just because of sheer embarrassment of sweat showing through on my shirts. I would only wear black or enough layers that you wouldn’t be able to tell when looking at me.  I had heard that Botox was a short term solution, but I couldn’t afford the Botox remedy for many years.  Once I tried the Botox in my armpits, and the sweat subsided! This was a wonderful feeling, however, the Botox injections wore off  within 3  1/2 months.  After saving again for this procedure, I contacted Joann, RN, at Avante Cosmetic.  Not only did she make me feel completely comfortable with the procedure, but she offered a better product–Dysport– which also was a lower cost than Botox.  I had the procedure done and WOW! One 1/2 days later after the injections of Dysport, I didn’t sweat –not even a drop!  I took a trip to Vegas a week later and I wore so many new colored t-shirts just because I could!  I no longer lived in black.  It has been a year and a half and I’m ready for another go with the Dysport!  My sweat is returning a little, but nothing like it was before.  I am so happy with her suggestion and the product she injected– I wish someone would have told me about this sooner!   Thank you Joann!!! You are truly a life saver!”

M.S., with Joann since 2012

Joann is always open and honest about what I can expect

“I’ve been seeing Joann more regularly than I go to church for at least the past six years. She is always open and honest about what I can expect, and she stays on the cutting-edge trends and training in her industry. Joann has the quality of not just being a very experienced and well-trained medical expert, but, more importantly, she also is artistic, and her esthetic vision is right on. She asks me what my areas of concern are, and then she shares what she sees, based on her experience, and makes recommendations based on that, and within my budget. In short, she knows my face (work in progress that it is) and I always look forward to seeing her, because every time I leave, I’m just amazed at how the ‘gravity issues’ that worried me are improved, and lasting. If I said her prices were good, that would be one thing, but to have her pricing and her talent combined–that’s the league I recommend that you play in! Also, I recommend the Latisse- my skinny, missing lashes have become thick and long, and I want to show them off with ridiculous mascara. Thanks Joann!”

J.F., with Joann since 2004